To answer that question, I’m not sure.

I am making this initial post to give a little background about myself. It’s not every day that you come up with an idea that other people like. Most days, you’ll look at your friends and shout “water-powered snowblowers!” and they’ll just shake their heads in disgust. So when I broached the idea of starting a blog to my friends and colleagues, Ben Reynolds and Jake Douglas, I was surprised at their enthusiasm. The saying goes, if you don’t shoot, you can’t score? I guess I’ll buy into that.

In any case, I conceived of this as a place where the three of us would be joined by other senior thesis writers here at William and Mary. As we discussed the site in further depth, we decided to invite others from colleges and walks of life all around the country to join us in this project. We hope to use this space as a place to post our own ideas, critique others’, and to make our academic worlds accessible to everyone.

I will write primarily in the fields of education and history, my two academic passions. I identify myself as a social reconstructionist – I see the child not as a glass waiting to be filled but as an ocean overflowing with richness and personality. In my posts, I plan to help inform our current educational reform efforts with those that have already occurred. I am currently finishing an honors thesis on the antebellum common school reform movement in New England.

As a first post, I’m sure Jake and Ben will have more to offer, but I look forward to engaging with this forum and learning a great deal from those who post and comment here.

-Zack Quaratella, W&M ’13



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