Starting a blog, or any publication, is a hazardous journey. Ours is just begun, full of terrible perils and great opportunities. We’ve set for ourselves the ambitious task of building a publication that can declare itself “professional” and launch by June 1st. Here’s a quick run-down of our plan for the beginning of the year for any embryonic readers:

February 15th (Now!): Each of the three of us will make his first post around this date. Additionally, we’ll post a bit about our plans for the blog’s future and about ourselves. From this point we’ll start to try and gather writers who share a passion for free knowledge and discussion, and try to get a regular schedule of posts going.

March 1st: We’ll publish our next three major posts, perhaps even more if we’ve got more writers on the staff.

March 15th (etc.): We’ll publish our next three major posts. Our current plan is to have each writer publish a new post every fifteen days. With enough writers we’ll be able to stagger our output and hopefully put out new content every day.

June 1st: We’ll launch the professional version of the blog, with a polished layout, a recognizable, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing theme, and an independent domain name.

In a sense these first few months represent the trial run – we want to see what kind of material we’re going to put out, what kind of tone we’re going to take, and how we’re going to be able to draw a diverse group of writers together thematically. There’s a bit of a friendly debate over whether we want the blog’s title to be ‘Commonwealth’ or ‘Zeitgeist,’ which mirrors a discussion about whether we want to focus on publishing the academic work that our writers are working on, or focus on writing grandiose political statements like the one I just published. I think the two are intimately related, and I’m sure there will be room for both on this blog.

I’m looking forward to working Jake and Zack on this project. I hope, if we can accomplish anything, that it will be the free sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas. Knowledge is freedom – Sunrise!

– Ben Reynolds, W&M, Amman, Jordan


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